Total Conquest

Total Conquest was a mode created by me.
Basically, there are 4 flags (2 on each side) that are capturable (Like domination, same time to cap). 1 point will be given to each team with each 4 seconds they control a flag. (Ex. if your team controls 2 flags, after 4 seconds you will gain 2 points)
Aside from those 4 flags, there is 1 flag in the middle that follows the rules of CTF (you pick it up) and you can run it to a flag your team controls, or hang onto it to prevent enemy team from scoring 50 points.)(YES the flag in the middle is worth 50 points upon capture) Flag in the middle (CTF FLAG) has a 1 minute reset timer.

Match Time - 10 Minutes (5 each side)
Rounds - 2
Score Limit: 500 Points
HQ FLAG - 1 point/4 sec.
CTF FLAG - 50 points/capture
CTF FLAG - 1 Minute reset timer

Sunday, October 2, 2011